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Radio Skidrow is broadcasting on the FM Band on 88.9 MHz from studios in Sydney Australia. The station is now streaming LIVE on the Internet.  When you access this page, the player will load automatically and may take up to 30 seconds to start.  After this,  you should be listening to the station. You may continue surfing on the Internet by opening another window in your browser while listening to the station.  Closing this page will shut down the default player.

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Connecting manually to the stream

Click the link below to bypass the default player and lauch Windows Media Player if you experience problems with the default player.  This action will open Windows Media Player on your PC:

2RSR Mono@32kbps

Connecting to the stream from Windows Media Player

In some instances, Windows Media Player may not work for you because another application has modified the player's default settings. If this is the case, you should try to open the stream directly from within Windows Media Player as follows:

  • Open Windows Media Player.
  • Go to the "File" menu and choose "Open URL"
  • To listen to the 32kbps Mono service, type the following -
  • This should connect you directly to 2RSR-FM Live Internet Radio


    Windows Media Player is free to download from Microsoft


    Windows Media Player (Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/)
    Windows Media Player (Windows 95/NT)
    Windows Media Player (Mac)

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    The Stories


    The Guests

    Over the years, Afrika Connexions has interviewed some of Africa’s most prominent figures. Musicians such as Hugh Masekela and Ladysmith Black Mambazo appeared on the program, as did performers and actors such as Kenyan, WanjikeWa Kiarie and South African, John Kani. Notable political guests included the Women’s Coordinator of the PAC, Maude Jackson; Patricia De Lille, who was the mayor of Cape… Read more...

    Program Highlights

    Over the last 25 years, Afrika Connexions has produced some amazing radio programs including interviews with musicians, artists, politicians, activists from overseas as well as within the African community in Sydney. We are currently going through the huge archive of material from the show and putting it online here for a whole new audience as well as those people who might want to remember how… Read more...

    The Hugh Masekela Interview – 1987

    In 1987, Neville Legg interviewed then-exiled South African musician, Hugh Masekela. Performing with Paul Simon on his epic Graceland World Tour, Masekela spoke with Neville about his youth under Apartheid, his musical aspirations and intentions, and the implications of the cultural boycott on South African musicians. He also talks about the criticism of his involvement in the Graceland tour. We… Read more...

    The News

    An important part of Afrika Connexions, from its inception, was broadcasting news on the situation in South Africa. The need for a different type of news was made necessary by the mainstream media’s superficial coverage of the struggle and its penchant for presenting stories about the hunger and poverty of Africa – a model that still prevails today. The presenters of Afrika Connexions recognised… Read more...

    Maxwell Nemadzivhanani

    This interview first went on air in 1985 as part of an Afrika Connexions news segment, which was at 1pm every Sunday. Maxwell Nemadzivhanani was virtually a member of the Afrikan Connexions team, although his primary role was chief representative of the Pan African Congress of Azania. He travelled extensively in the position, attending meetings of the Non Aligned Movement as well as meetings of… Read more...

    African Dawn – An Interview with Wanjiku Wa Kiarie

    Early listeners of Afrika Connexions will remember the music of The African Dawn. A beautiful mix of politics, poetry and traditional instruments, African Dawn represented a growing Pan African movement, which had established itself in London rallying alongside the liberation struggles around the world. In 1986, Kenyan actress and poet Wanjiku Wa Kiarie performed her play Black Woman at the South… Read more...

    South African John Kani on Dreaming Under Apartheid

    One of South Africa's most famous actors talks with Paul Thusi in 1994. 'It’s a pleasure to be with you today, and I would like to say it is a great honour for me to tell you I have a real live native here at the studio with me from South Africa by the name of John Kani. But I am bound by custom and tradition not to address him by John Kani, since he saw the sun before I did. So customarily I am… Read more...

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    Do you have an interest in supporting grass roots and independent media? Do you have a passion for radio and podcasts? Are you interested in human…

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    Broadcasting for 35 years, Radio Skid Row brings together marginalised and disadvantaged communities to deliver conscious independent radio from…

    About When I'm 64

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    About When I'm 64

    We first got the idea to do this project when a few older people at the station found themselves… Read more...
    unemployment line

    Out of Work and Over 55

    Producers Peter Tozer and Paul Thusi have both experienced unemployment in their older years. In… Read more...

    About the project

    IMG 5532

    What is an Activist?

    For the past year, a team of Radio Skid Row producers have been walking the streets of Sydney… Read more...
    police shot

    The I Am Active! team

    The iAmActive team includes: Executive Producer: Nicola Joseph Reporters: Em Couch and Isobel Deane… Read more...

    How this project started

    The idea for the iAmActive project was inspired by the demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt during… Read more...


    The struggle being fought in Redfern right now goes much deeper than locals vs. yuppies. This fight… Read more...


    Another area that many say is likely to lose most of its state-owned housing is Glebe. Home to… Read more...


    For over a decade, Marrickville has been the frontier for the gentrification creep. If you've lived… Read more...


    Leichhardt used to be a neighbourhood where you knew all your neighbours. In our Leichhardt edition… Read more...

    Millers Point

    During the time of the project, many things happened in the station’s broadcast area that meant the… Read more...