marrickvilleNicola Joseph came up with the project concept and was the executive producer of the series. She also produced the documentary on Millers Point and was head mixer on most of the other documentaries. Nicola was a founding member of Radio Skid Row and played a key role in establishing the station. She has worked at the ABC as a features and documentary producer and as the Executive Producer of women’s and arts programs, and was a journalist, executive producer and station manager at SBS radio. 

Thara Mogwe another one of Radio Skid Row’s most talented and experienced producers did all of the groundwork for the project including the research, and interviews with historians and politicians. Thara has worked across the radio industry at public, community and commercial radio stations.

Barbara McGrady was the project photographer. Barbara is a Kamilaroi woman who was born in Mungindi, North/Western NSW on the QLD border. She started taking photos as a teenager and has continued to combine her photography with her activism, covering issues that affect Indigenous Australia, human rights, politics and sports

Anna Schinella produced the radio program on Leichhardt. Anna was involved at Radio Skid Row soon after it started and became a key person in organising ethnic communities at the station. She has also worked as an Executive Producer and Presenter at ABC Radio National and as a Program Manager at SBS Radio.

Giladesi Namokoyi aka Kween G is an experienced MC, rapper and radio broadcaster/producer. Apart from doing interviews for the project, Kween produced the documentary on Marrickville. Kween has worked for SBS and is a radio trainer.

Isobel Deane was the street journalist on the project. She has been a presenter at Radio Skid Row and was on the station’s programming committee.  She has also worked at one of the peak organisations for community broadcasting.

Huna Amweero created all of the online content for the project. She started broadcasting at Radio Skid Row when she was five years old and continued to present an after school show throughout primary school. She later became a presenter at Fbi radio and has worked in social media in commercial radio. She now works as a writer and filmmaker.

Osamah AlAsadi was the web designer for the project. Osamah works on various community websites, including the Radio Skid Row site.