older guy with tabletWelcome to another Radio Skid Row production, When I'm 64, a documentary series about looking for work when you are over 55.

With the Australian Government talking about raising the pension eligibility age to 70, there's been a lot of talk about all of us having to work until we are older. In fact, the statistics show that the percentage of workers over the age of 55 is steadily growing. Compared to younger males, for example, the employment growth statistics are quite good.

However, what these statistics reveal is that a lot of workers are growing older. They don't tell us much about the unemployment figures in the older age groups. More importantly, they don't tell us anything about the length of time unemployed older people are out of work.

In these two programs, Peter Tozer and Paul Thusi take a look at what it's like looking for work when you're older.




About When I'm 64

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About When I'm 64

We first got the idea to do this project when a few older people at the station found themselves… Read more...
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Out of Work and Over 55

Producers Peter Tozer and Paul Thusi have both experienced unemployment in their older years. In… Read more...
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